Office 365: Cloud Solutions for Small Business

Provisio Technology Solutions is a Microsoft Cloud Partner and we provide migration, implementation and consulting for Office 365.

The new Office is a cloud subscription that provides virtually anywhere access to your familiar Office applications plus business-grade email, calendar, and video conferencing across your devices – from PCs to smartphones to tablets.

What's new:

Devices: The new Office works great across all your devices. With its modernized, clean, and fluid user interface, it works great with touch, mouse and keyboard, or pen.

Cloud: When away from your computer, you can stream a full-featured version of Office on any internet-connected PC with Office on Demand. Your documents are saved to the cloud by default so you can share and collaborate just by sending a link.

Social: Stay connected to all of your contacts. You can quickly schedule a meeting, send an email, start an IM or voice and video chat- or host a multiparty HD video conference in a few clicks.

Simplified IT: The new Office has solutions optimized for size and IT needs. The common set of IT management tools in the new Office will simplify management across your on-premises and cloud environments.

Why you should consider upgrading:

Does your company face any of the following scenarios?

  1. Using an older server and worried about its security and maintenance costs?
  2. Growing in size and looking for technology to help meet your businesses mobility and collaboration needs?
  3. Having trouble managing a number of disconnected web-based email or software?
  4. Using outdated versions of Office, such as Office 2003, and experiencing and compatibility issues or concerns with end of support?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then the new Office can bring you great business value and enhanced productivity!

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