Managed Services

In addition to technology consulting and web development, we also handle IT support for many of our clients.  Most support needs can be handled by remote access, saving you time and money because you don't have to pay for onsite visits and requests can be addressed more efficiently.

Proactive Monitoring

We're not interested in just fixing stuff when it stops working - we want to make sure that your systems work when you need them.  We remotely monitor the health of your computers and servers and are immediately alerted when there are issues. 

Virtual Helpdesk

Tickets are tracked with a web-based helpdesk so that you can see status updates in real time and access a knowledgebase of frequently-asked questions.

Predictable Costs

No one likes surprises - at least, not when it comes to costs.  We'll define a scope of services that covers your bases and provide a cost structure that prevents unexpected hourly charges.

No Technobabble

We may be geeks, but we try not to talk like it. We realize that the bottom line is that your stuff works and that you'd rather be spared the details.  (Unless you ask for it - then we'll be more than happy to oblige!)