Make Smart Technology Decisions with MyCIO

Your business depends on technology but how do you cut through the hype and the technobabble to make intelligent, productive decisions? Large organizations have technology executives who meet this need, but many small businesses cannot afford it. MyCIO is like having that technology executive on your staff — but at a fraction of the cost.

How Does It Work?

You’ll have someone with experience in technology management and business operations as your personal CIO.  You can utilize this as part of a one-time technology/operations evaluation project or as an ongoing role to help with the technology management of your organization.  We have five areas where we focus:

Indentify "Pain Points"

“Pain points” are where you are experiencing the most frustration in your delivery and operations.  For example, a company that supplies uniforms might say that it takes too long for their drivers to report back on delivery issues, and this causes delays which negatively impact customer satisfaction.  A service company might say that too many calls go to voice mail but the budget does not allow for additional customer service staff.

Align Technology with Business Goals

Understanding your business and what drives your business production.  How do the goals of your IT staff align with your company goals?  (Do they have goals?)  Have you defined your priorities for them and do they understand your business well enough to give you the data you really need?

Find Efficiencies

How does your current technology support your overall operations?  Are there bottlenecks?  Are there legacy systems that are difficult to support but upon which your business is strongly dependent?  Are there any other solutions that can bring harmony in some of the operational dissonance?  We look at this from all angles, including working to enhance existing legacy solutions as well as analyzing the ROI of other technologies that may be a better long-term fit.

Make It Pay for Itself

A technology solution, no matter how well it will meet your needs, is of no use if it’s going to cost five times as much as you can afford.  A CIO designs recommendations around budgetary realities and the expediency of factors such as available personnel, time to implement, impact on operations during transition, etc.  If it won’t create efficiency and reduce cost, we won’t recommend it.

Implementation and Management

We can work with your staff to implement strategies and solutions, or we can run the project for you.  After an initiative has been implemented, you can continue to keep us involved in a part-time CIO role or in an as-needed consulting role.

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