About Us

Provisio helps organizations find the right technology solutions to manage their operations and grow effectively.

Most organizations have a lot of information to track but rely on turnkey solutions that are either extremely specific to their industry or which require workarounds because they are a “one-size-fits-all” solution. As the organization grows it isn’t long before it takes more time to manage the data than to do the work that the data is supposed to support.

We help you evaluate your technology and then design solutions which streamline your operations and give your customers a great experience.


Pat Oja started Provisio in 2011 as a technology consulting business. His intent was to leverage fifteen years of experience in executive technology management and become a part-time CIO for small businesses who needed someone to help them make technology decisions from a business strategy perspective.

During that first year, three of Pat's clients needed solutions that no off-the-shelf software could meet. As he researched options for these clients, he realized that he could build custom web solutions that would exactly meet their needs and would be much more affordable than the options they were considering. Thus the focus changed from executive technology consulting to web-based software development. But the one constant is that every project is approached from the perspective of the business strategist: how will this create efficiency, drive growth, and impact the bottom line?

Now we have a small team of dedicated developers, UX designers and project managers all working together to build solutions that are specific to your organizational needs. If your business is a starship, we like to think of ourselves as both your universal translator and your warp drive, helping you to harmonize your systems and explore new frontiers of organizational success.