Case Studies

We like creating solutions to help our clients meet specific needs and realize their vision. Here are some case studies of recent and ongoing projects.

DrillPilot is a small, affordable, handheld tool used to drill pilot holes in places that would normally require a drill press or other elaborate setup to accomplish. DrillPilot was created by Tana Innovations, which was established to bring unique inventions to market. The DrillPilot is popular... + details

Chiropractic Natural Health Associates in Southfield, MI specializes in painless chiropractic results through the use of state-of-the-art instruments that deliver precise, gentle adjustments. Their website,, uses a domain that is synonymous with this philosophy, and... + details

The Automotive Logistics Executive Committee (ALEC) represents an Automotive Industry consensus to drive change and process improvement in rail and highway transportation service. With over 100 members among automotive manufacturers and subsidiaries, ALEC acts as a liaison between the auto... + details

LifestyleLink is a comprehensive communications and management tool for communities and organizations. Designed for active adult communities, it helps to keep members engaged, informed and connected.

Michigan Design Center in Troy, Michigan, is a design showcase with over 2000 member professionals in interior design and architecture. They came to Provisio Technology Solutions with two outdated websites: one for their members, and one for consumers. They wanted to know whether there was there... + details

1st Securities Mortgage is a mortgage broker with offices in Michigan and Georgia. As a brokerage, 1st Securities can offer programs tailored to individual needs. They came to Provisio with the desire to expand their marketing efforts and promote new services that their current website could not... + details

Executive Consulting Services in Southfield, MI provides high-level psychological evaluations for potential employees. Their proprietary process is the result of decades of experience and is used by companies all over the country. Their process identifies character traits with letter-number... + details

LandArc, Inc. is a national property management company specializing in active adult communities. The company came to Provisio looking to consolidate multiple backend systems into a single portal for their customers and staff.