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Kacy O'Connell

Whether it's the 30-year-old mainframe system that can't be replaced because of its place in your organization's accounting infrastructure or the three-year-old Java application that nobody knows how to fix when it breaks, legacy systems are a fact of life for most organizations. Unfortunately, many problems plague legacy systems. Supporting, maintaining, enhancing, or integrating with new systems is challenging.

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Kacy O'Connell

Good user experience (UX)  is critical, but how much can a poor e-commerce user experience cost you sales? According to research, well-designed sites can see more than 200% higher visit-to-order conversion rates than poorly designed ones. 

Code Audit
Kacy O'Connell

Code audits are essential for gaining insight into any custom software project. They provide clarity on the existing state of an application and help organizations determine where changes need to be made.

Any custom software project necessitates thought, planning, and a commitment of resources. Code audits are an essential tool for comprehensive insight when clients need to understand the current state of their application.

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Kacy O'Connell

When starting a new web project for your business, it’s easy to focus on the way you want the website to look and fail to give adequate thought to your users. The user is the most important part of any web development project. Your web app or site can have the most beautiful design and function, but if the user's experience isn't great, then all that hard work is for nothing.

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Do you need an enterprise app to improve your company's productivity but aren't sure where to begin? Let's look at what goes into custom enterprise software development and how it can help your business.

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When you first start a business, you discover that you need various software to keep things operating smoothly. Some of the software will be off-the-shelf products that flawlessly suit your needs. However, there will be situations when the software you purchase will not match your requirements and will hinder rather than help you. How will you be able to tell the difference?

Software dev thinking
Kacy O'Connell

A Written Information Security Program (WISP) is documentation that describes the security controls, processes, and policies of an organization. In addition, a WISP is a roadmap for an organization's IT security that is required by law in several states.

A Written Information Security Program is intended to provide your organization with solid security procedures that not only reduce the likelihood of a breach but also limit your liability if one occurs.

Startup meeting
Kacy O'Connell

The decisions you make as you lay the groundwork for your new business can have long-lasting impact. Some are limited to the early days of getting your business off the ground, but others can make the difference of whether you fail or succeed. Once your business is running, you have very little time to analyze the impact of those decisions on internal and external operations.