Building a Solid Foundation with a Website Blueprint

Blueprint with ruler on top of it

You wouldn't ask a contractor to build your house without a blueprint from an architect. Doing so would run the risk of the walls falling in or the foundation crumbling. But far too many small business owners make the make this same mistake when it comes to their websites. They start building without a website blueprint to guide them.

The website blueprint is the plan for how you and your web developer are going to build your website. Just like the blueprints for your house, it outlines the structure, the supports, and the access points for your website. The web designers and developers at Provisio never start building without a clear idea of the structure and focus of your website. So before they start building, you will get a website blueprint that outlines all of your pages and explains how they will be connected.

A website blueprint starts with keywords. Not just one, but many keywords that all point your target audience to your website. This web of interconnected topics provides the foundation of your website: third-level pages that provide valuable content to readers about all your business has to offer. These pages can be linked to one another, showing your reader the strength of your expertise and the depth of your company's knowledge and service.

Among those many keywords, there will be categories or groups, ideas that logically flow together and can be introduced all at once. These are your supports: second-level webpages that introduce each of your main areas of service and provide easy and intuitive access from your home page to the foundation pages. These pages give your company a chance to introduce readers to services they may not know you offer, and to cross-sell existing customers on different products or services.

The home page is like the exterior of the home. It's how people find you and gain access to your business. It should be focused on that single key concept that sums up everything you do. Like your house, your home page should have easy-access doors (menus) and windows (links) so that visitors can get to you and your content quickly. The home page is your curb appeal. It gives readers a great first impression, makes them want to see more, and then gives them easy ways in to gather more information.

A website blueprint is essential to building a high-quality, customer-driven website. It helps you and your web developers understand the layout, flow, and structure of your website. Don't work with any company that starts building before offering you a clear website blueprint. Otherwise, you could find your web presence crumbling under the weight of a poorly designed site.

Provisio Technology Solutions is a web development company that can provide all your website needs. From customer-facing design to database integration, we make your website work for you. If you are ready to build your new web presence, contact Provisio Technology Solutions today.