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My Cloud Is Too Small! Right-Sizing Your Cloud Computing Services

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Recently, a client of mine did me the great honor of sharing a testimonial at our mutual business networking group. “My cloud is too small!” he said. Provisio Technology Solutions helped him find the cloud computing services that would streamline his business and improve accessibility for his clients, but to do so, he was going to need more server space.

Maybe you can sympathize with Dr. Bryan Born of He operates a busy Chiropractic office with a handful of other doctors, each working to find new and better ways to serve their clients in a changing, and increasingly technical field. Dr. Bryan isn't afraid of the changes. He has embraced the mandatory electronic health records keeping and is working to improve his clients' ability to access their information.

That's where Provisio Technology Solutions came in. Our technical advisors stepped in to show Dr. Bryan how he could use cloud-based technology to streamline his office, comply with changing electronic records-keeping laws, and provide additional resources to his clients in between visits. All of that meant right-sizing his cloud computing services.

Where is My Cloud?

Cloud-based services aren't actually floating in the air. They are stored in massive off-site servers maintained by big internet companies like Google, Dropbox, and Apple. Consumers and businesses essentially rent space in those servers to store their information securely and provide a reliable back up for on-site information.

For Dr. Bryan, upgrading his cloud computing services meant he needed to rent more space on those servers – he needed to “get a bigger cloud.” By teaming up with his IT service provider, Provisio Technology Solutions was able to get everything squared away so he and his chiropractic team could best serve their clients.

Personalized Cloud Computing Services

There is no one right solution for every office. What worked for Dr. Bryan may not be ideal for your business situation. Some offices can go entirely virtual – moving everything off-site using cloud-based services. For other businesses, the priority is on inventory management and online sales of merchandise. Still others just need a secure way to back up their client database and proprietary information.

No matter where you fall in the spectrum of cloud computing, the team at Provisio Technology Solutions is ready to give you a thorough technology assessment and help you right-size your online business services. Start the new year off on the right foot by scheduling a meeting with a Provisio technical consultant today.