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How Agile Development Gets You the Website You Want

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Imagine you have been given a fancy gift. You unwrap the package to discover it is an expensive, designer suit, but it’s entirely the wrong size and style. It doesn’t work for you at all. Unfortunately, some businesses feel that way about their website. They pay thousands of dollars to companies and receive a finished package months later, but it isn’t the website they want.

Agile development is a project management methodology that guides the way we develop websites to make sure we can quickly and easily adapt to better serve our clients. Through regular check-ins with the team, the developers, and the clients, we are able to solve small problems before they become big obstacles that stand between you and the website you want.

Agile Development Means You Have a Say Every Step of the Way

If you hire a traditional web development shop to create your website, you have a say at the beginning of the project, and the end. You set the course and then hope the team ends up where you intended. But just like in sailing, a small miscalculation early on can send a website development project way off course.

Using an agile development model, we check in with our clients periodically on the way to the finished project. You will have access to mock-ups, site maps, and live beta test sites all designed to make sure we stay on the right track. By keeping you involved in the development process, our web developers, designers, and content creators can be sure that your vision comes through in the final project.

Miscommunications Happen. Agile Fixes Them Faster.

Because human beings are involved, there is always the chance that some part of your vision gets lost in translation. Miscommunication is a fact of life in any big project. But agile development helps ensure that those false assumptions don’t interfere with your plans, or your deadlines.

Because you have access to prototypes and test pages, there won’t be any surprises when the site goes live. If something gets a little off, our regular client check-ins help set it right early. That can save you time and money, because we can make adjustments along the way.

Adapting to Fit Your Needs

You may have a good idea of what you want from a website, but as the project develops there could be an added feature that comes up. An agile development model allows our web programmers and designers to take these changes in stride, and adjust to fit your web development needs, without setting you behind.

At Provisio Technology Solutions, our goal is to get you the website you want with the features you need to run your business. Agile development helps us do it. If you want a development team that keeps you in the loop and gets you the website you want, contact Provisio today to schedule a meeting.