Take Online Ticket Sales & Event Management In-House

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If success in your business means crowded events or sold-out seminars, you may be giving a lot of money away to online ticket sales companies like Eventbrite. But what if you could move ticket sales and event management in house? How much money would you save by having a website that could do the work for you?

When your business model depends on recruiting customers to attend events, every ticket is part of your bottom line. Whether you are booking concerts, scheduling seminars, or facilitating networking meetings, you make your money based on how many people show up.

Event marketing sites like Eventbrite make money on every ticket they sell for you. They cut a profit off of your margins and take a cut out of your books. What if, instead, your customers could buy tickets or register events directly on your website through a secure portal?

Provisio Technology Solutions can build you a website that offers safe, secure event registration and sells tickets online. Provisio uses industry standard safety protocols to protect your business and your consumers. You can easily accept credit card payments with links to PayPal or your own credit card processing service. So your customers never have to worry about their credit card numbers being stolen.

Your custom website, designed by Provisio's drupal developers, can be tied directly into your database. That way, every time a new customer buys a ticket, they get added to your email list and your lead management system. By sending follow-up emails, newsletters, and promotional announcements through your database, you will more likely turn that one-time customer into repeat business.

You can even set out pricing tiers and give your members access to special rates and events. By setting up a member log in on your website, Provisio can make it easy for you to give special offers to all your loyal members. A Provisio event management app can even detect when your members try to buy tickets using email addresses already in your database. By prompting them to log in and get a special rate, you can give your members added value and keep them happy.

There's no need to hand over a cut of your profits to an outsourced online ticket sales company. Keep the work and the money in house by using a custom-built website. By tying an event management app into your database you can give your members better service, and get better profits, than you would from an online event marketing company.

Provisio Technology Solutions creates custom web solutions to all your business needs. If you need an event management app or online ticket sale solution, contact Provisio today to schedule a meeting.