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Web Counseling for Holey Websites

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Sometimes it can feel like your website needs the help of a web counseling service support group. In this blog post, we will meet Holey, a website who is vulnerable to security gaps. We'll see how Provisio Technology Solutions can update a "holey" website, and get it back to work.

Hi, my name is Holey.

"I’m full of holes. My software hasn’t been updated for a couple of years. I’ve got lots of users in my database with strange names, and I don’t know how they got there. I’m being asked to redirect visitors to other websites. Now Google is telling people to avoid me altogether."

Provisio Web Counseling Helps Holey Websites Learn Not to Be Vulnerable

When you are running your business, it can be easy to let your website slip to the back of your mind. Unless someone tells you there is a problem, you may not log on for months. But doing that leaves your website vulnerable, not just emotionally.

Modern websites are software that need regular security updates. When WordPress, Google, or another web hosting platform announces a security update, that's the green light to hackers on the look out for holey websites that haven't been updated to take advantage of that weakness. Unless you log in and update your software, your website will be vulnerable to all kinds of malicious attacks.

Some people think that once you design a website, you don't have to do anything else. You may also think they don't have anything valuable on your site, so hackers won't target you. But the truth is that a vulnerable website is valuable in itself. Hackers can use your computing power to run tracking programs, install malware on visitors' computers, and send traffic to other sites. Small businesses' websites are especially attractive targest because most small business owners don't know there's a problem. A security breach can make your website sluggish or even get it blacklisted by Google.

Do You Think Your Website is Holey?

If you aren't sure if your website is holey, ask yourself:

  • When is the last time you ran updates?

  • Is your website sluggish?

  • Do you recognize the "users" on your site?

  • Are you receiving a lot of spam comments?

What to Do if You Own a Holey Website

The treatment for a holey website is a regimine of updates and service patches. By making sure your software is up to date, you can close vulnerabilities and shut down hackers who want to use your site.

The Provisio Web Counselors can help you create just such a treatment program. We can manage your website and make sure updates happen regularly, whenever a security vulnerability is announced. A regular web maintenance program costs less each year than a single incident of hacking. If your holey website is feeling vulnerable, schedule an appointment with a web counselor today. We will prescribe a proactive treatment program that will turn hackers away for good.