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Is Your Website Like an Expired Chocolate Bar?

Pieces of a chocolate bar
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Did you know that websites expire? Like an old chocolate bar, you might still be able to use an outdated website, but it won’t be as good as it was when it was new. Find out why a fresh website should be part of your 2017 marketing plan.

Websites should come with expiration dates. Okay, they won’t stop working (unless your hosting doesn’t renew), but if you let your website sit on the shelf too long it won’t do everything it could to help you build your business.

Idle Websites Don’t Show Up on Search Engines

If you are one of the many business owners who let their websites collect dust, you could see diminishing returns on your marketing investment. Unless your website gets new content at least every couple of weeks, it registers with search engines as idle. Google and Bing have no way to know if you’re just busy or if you’ve closed your doors, so they don’t include your webpages in their search results.

Expired Websites Don’t Engage New Visitors

A website developed five years ago may still have all the right keywords and tags to talk to the search engines (if it is being updated), but it may not speak to new visitors. Internet users, especially the younger generations, are very sensitive to outdated web styling. Whether it is strange color combinations or keyword lists, an outdated website will communicate to your potential customers that your business is equally behind the times.

Web Development Has Evolved, Your Website May Not Have

If you are actively trying to grow your business, it’s not enough for your website to look good. As recently as a few years ago, the primary focus of web developers was on direct marketing. As long as it looked good and directed customers to your door, your website was doing its job.

But as web development has evolved, small business websites have gained the ability to do a lot more. From customer portals to remote-access databases, a fresh website can do a lot to streamline the process of running your business. You and your staff may be able to work remotely or provide more instantaneous services to clients who used to have to wait.

Nobody likes to be served stale chocolate. An outdated website won’t serve you or your customers any better. Make a fresh website part of your 2017 marketing plan and save yourself from the bitter taste of an expired web presence.

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