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What Does a User Experience On Your Website?

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Have you ever visited your website with your user in mind? How do they know where to go, or what they can do while they are there? By considering user experience in the website development process, you can make your website more pleasant and get more customers.

What visitors see and do on your website can make a big difference in whether they become paying customers or continue their searches elsewhere. User Experience (called UX) is all about how your potential visitors use your website. Great UX can make your website intuitive, putting the services visitors need right at their fingertips. But UX is often overlooked by small business owners, and that can lead to a website that doesn’t provide the return on investment you ere expecting. Provisio founder Patrick Oja says:

“UX isn’t considered by most small businesses when they consider having a website made. They are interested in how it looks and whether it will rank in search engines. Most people outside of the web development world have never even heard of UX. But a user’s experience is really important to the success of the site. If people like using a site then they will use it more often. It’s very important to spend time up front thinking about how a user will interact with a site and whether they find it intuitive and enjoyable.”

UX is an essential part of website development. In addition to deciding what content you want included in your website, your meetings with a web developer should also include how customers will be able to use that content. There are as many different uses as there are businesses. By creating a custom website, Provisio can include all the tools you need to develop a great user experience. Depending on the services you provide to your customers, you may want to consider:

  • Integrated databases, which allow clients and employees access to personalized information.

  • Forms for everything from simple email to complete applications.

  • Click-through phone numbers for convenient mobile use.

  • Cross-links for easy navigation between related pages, articles, and blog posts.

  • On-site ordering and shopping cart features to facilitate immediate sales.

  • One-stop automatic scheduling for appointments and consultations.

A poor user experience is a great way to drive away customers. The easier you can make it for potential clients to find what you have to offer, the more quickly you will be able to close the deal. Having a UX conversation with your web developer early on will make your website work for you and increase the return on your marketing investment.

Provisio Technology Solutions provides custom designed websites for small and medium businesses. If you need help tailoring your online presence to provide a high quality user experience, contact Provisio today to schedule a meeting.