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Does Your Website Need a Database?

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You may think only big corporations need full databases on their websites. But even small businesses can benefit from the added functionality a database can provide. Before writing it off as extravagant, consider how much work your website could be doing for you.

Websites sometimes get a bad wrap. Some business owners seem to think that a website is nothing but an online business card or advertisement. These same people often complain that they don’t see a return on the investment they put into keeping their website looking sharp.

This is a limited perspective of what your website can really do for you. It would be similar to buying a full-featured computer, complete with a powerful processor and loads of memory just to check your email. A well-developed website can do a lot more than just marketing. And it all starts with the database.

Put Your Website on Your Sales Force

If you sell anything, from vegan soaps to laser-etched machinery parts, your website should be a key member of your sales force. By integrating your inventory database into your website and then adding a shopping cart feature, you can make your products available to consumers online with a click of a button. If you take custom orders, a database can also help you receive orders and move them through the production pipeline, so you can be sure your manufacturing and ordering teams never drop the ball on a client.

Make Your Website Double as a File Clerk

Does your business field a lot of requests for documents? Maybe you run a leasing office that maintains contracts and invoices for your tenants. Or maybe you are a lawyer sharing confidential correspondence with your clients. By integrating a database with a secure customer log-in area on your website, you can make those documents available to clients online. This will free up your file clerks and secretaries from taking those customers’ calls and save you money in printing and postage.

Allow Remote Workers Access to Files

Modern businesses are seeing more employees who want to work from home or on the road. Whether your staff is working full-time from their living rooms, or you have teams reporting in from the field, a database can help keep your business running smoothly. By integrating your company database and file storage with a secure log-in, you can allow your staff remote access to everything they need to do their jobs. That way nothing falls through the cracks because of a long commute.

A database enabled website can do a lot more than marketing. It can actively help your business grow and operate more efficiently. If you are ready to put your website to work for you, contact Provisio Techology Solutions to schedule a meeting. We will help you assess your needs and create custom web options to make the most of your money.