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Does Your Website Tell Your Story?

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What does your website tell potential customers? Every company, from the smallest online shop to large international corporations have a story to tell: something that makes their business unique and attracts clients. But unless you make good use of your online web content, that story could go untold.

Make Great First Impressions Through Website Design

In an increasingly visual world, storytelling isn’t just about the words on the page. If your website doesn’t reflect the kind of company customers want to hire, they won’t read anything. Putting new content into an old website can be a waste of money if the design or layout turns readers away. Instead, compelling imagery, page layout, and content should work together to present a powerful first impression that pulls users deeper into your website.

The core feeling of your business should be obvious at first glance. Are you running a cutting-edge tech company? Do your employees pride themselves on their commitment to traditional values and work ethic? The colors, layout, and imagery used in your website design can convey your company’s culture and priorities immediately, making an emotional connection with potential customers.

Use High-Quality Content to Tell Your Story

Attractive photos and an easy-to-use layout can’t explain what you do, or why readers would want to hire you. Well-written website content summarizes who you are, what products or services you offer, and why customers should choose you over your competition.  In other words, it tells your company’s story.

The storytelling starts on your home page. A skilled content writer can boil your marketing message down to its core, allowing users to understand your unique business offering without getting bogged down in long, boring text.

In service-based industries, the About page and bios can allow your professionals to shine. These pages are some of the most heavily visited on professional websites. That’s because users want to know who they are hiring. Your web development team can use this space to tell visitors about your company’s history and feature the most important parts of who you are, so readers will connect with you and want to close the deal.

Speak to Search Engines and Users

Before the design and content can woo your users, they have to find your website. Search engine optimization helps Google, Bing, and other search engines hone in on your website to match user inquiries. In years past, this was accomplished through lists of keywords that targeted robots over readers. But the programming behind search engines has evolved and now, website writers are able to integrate keywords into your content in a natural way that appeals to both users and search engine algorithms.

A new custom website can tell your story in a way that helps users understand you and your company. At Provisio Technology Solutions, our content writers can help customize your content and our designers can wrap it in a layout that connects with your readers. Contact us today for an assessment today.