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10 Ways to Create New Content for Your Website

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Once you have committed to creating regular, high-quality content for your website, you have to follow through and create it. At a certain point, every content writer hits a wall or believes that everything has already been done. Here are 10 ways to create new content to keep your website looking fresh.

1.      Guide Your Readers to Use Your Product or Service

Guides engage casual readers. Consumer wish lists, beginner’s guides, how-to blogs, and buying guides help your readers understand what your industry is about and how to engage in it.

2.      Reference Current Events

Whenever you are stuck, turn to the headlines. You can use national news, local events, or even TV or media trends to engage an audience who may not even know they need your services.

3.      Engage Readers in Conversation

There are a lot of ways to engage your readers in conversation. Use online surveys, “Ask Me Anything” sessions, or even comments on your blog to inspire new content.

4.      Demonstrate Expertise With Long-Form Content

You can show off your industry expertise with white papers or compilations of industry research that allow readers to go deep.

5.      Create Video Content

Video content including “explainer videos” and “vlogs” (video blogs) are increasingly popular in the web development industry. Whenever you use video, don’t forget to back it up with content, or a transcript, to make it SEO accessible.

6.      Feature Successful Clients

Nothing sells what you do better than a happy client. Testimonials, case studies, and even customer interviews let your best work shine and recruit users to join the bandwagon for your company.

7.      Talk About the Industry

You know your industry. Why not share that knowledge? Talk about its history, trends, and even predict where it is going to make your name as a thought leader among colleagues.

8.      Shine a Light on Your Business

If something is worth a press release, it is worth a blog post. New staff, product and service releases, awards, and public accolades all should be prime content for your website.

9.      Pull Back the Curtain on Your Process

Readers love to understand what happens behind the scenes at your business. This can be a video of your production facility or a blog that explains timelines in your industry, or even a post explaining the reasons behind your toughest customer moments.

10.    Compilations and Lists

Whenever you don’t know what else to write, you can fall back on creating compilations and lists (like this one). These posts are SEO rich and attractive to readers because they are easy to digest.

There are many sources for content ideas to help you when your inspiration runs out. No matter where you pull your ideas, be sure to create regular, high-quality content to keep your website fresh and your readers happy.

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