Empower Leaders in Your Active Adult Community Through LifestyleLink

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Seniors and retirees are doing a lot these days. Social clubs, activities, community service projects, and exercise programs fill the calendars of active adults. And that can put a lot on the plates of active adult community managers. Empower the leaders of your community to take on more of the administrative load using the all-in-one community management tool, LifestyleLink.

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What is LifestyleLink?

LifestyleLink is a web-based software solution for active adult communities. It provides a fully-integrated web-portal putting communications, management, and administrative tools at your fingertips. It includes customizable event calendars and registration, directories and message boards, as well as invoicing and notifications. LifestyleLink provides property managers and active adult community members with one access portal for all your community’s best features and facilities.

LifestyleLink Gives Community Leaders Administrative Control

As an active adult community grows, so do the responsibilities of its property managers. As new groups are formed, activities are scheduled, and facilities are opened, administrative staff can quickly become overwhelmed with the task of maintaining it all.

LifestyleLink empowers the leaders within your community to handle their own administration, while giving community managers and lifestyle directors the ability to supervise and approve any adjustments. For example, once a staff member designates a group leader within the LifestyleLink system, that leader can schedule activities, add members to message boards, and schedule group activities within your facility. All you have to do is approve the request. This saves your staff valuable time and gives your community leaders the freedom to make their groups flourish.

Easy Resident Training Gives Members Important Information in One Place

Active adult community members range from retired business executives who can’t be separated from their smart phones to homemakers with little reason to go on the web. A LifestyleLink subscription includes easy resident training, making sure all your members understand how to receive, view and pay invoices, and make the most of the community’s online facilities.

Stay in Control Without Having to Control Every Detail

The LifestyleLink permissions let you decide how much control you keep over the administration of your property and its facilities. Group leaders can simply have access to the directories and the ability to send group messages. As your active adult amenities grow, you can transfer additional responsibilities to trusted community leaders. This allows your community to grow to meet the needs of its members without making you work overtime or hire additional staff.

A LifestlyeLink subscription can consolidate your administrative tools and empower community leaders to take administrative burdens off your staff. Provisio Technology Solutions offers three tiers of functionality to suit your community’s needs. Find out more and schedule a demo of LifestyleLink today.