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Do You Really Need a Custom Website?

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There are countless companies out there who will sell you a prebuilt website that look pretty. But will a template-based website do everything you want, or do you really need a custom website to make your business thrive?

Templates Aren’t Always Unprofessional

There was a time when web developers took the position that any website built on a template it would automatically look cheap and unprofessional. It is still possible to build a website on a template that will advertise to your users that you made it “on the cheap.” But there is also a vast array of templates on website platforms that can and do look professional. If all you are looking for is an online calling card and a way for potential customers to email you, you likely will not need a custom-built website to do that job.

Websites Are More Than Window-Dressing

For most businesses, modern websites need to do more than look good. Retailers and other eCommerce companies need reliable shopping carts and secure payment portals to handle online sales. Service professionals need easy ways for customers to request quotes, upload information, and pay invoices online. With thousands of new web applications hitting the market every day, there are existing apps and plug-ins can fill many of these needs, if they are implemented well.

However, far too often, self-built and maintained websites can lead to cybersecurity problems, compatibility issues, and website crashes. Sometimes this is the result of poor implementation at the outset. Other times, the everyday demands of running a business lead to website neglect. Updates to website frameworks and the plugins themselves often break the connections within a website and interfere with customer usability.

Customized Doesn’t Always Mean Custom-Built

The real difference between a self-built, template-based website and a professional web tool is how well it works for a given business. A website can do far more than just marketing, but when you try building your own website you often don’t know the possibilities.

At Provisio Technology Solutions, we aren’t always interested in starting from scratch. Instead, we work with you to identify what is lacking in your website, and in your business processes. We help you identify places where your website could do more work for you. Then we find ways to create a website that fits your business’s priorities. Sometimes that requires a custom-built site. In other cases, it is a matter of correctly implementing, monitoring, and updating plug-ins and apps that integrate with the company’s base website.

Integration doesn’t have to be expensive. The smart use of website customization options, applications, and plug ins can increase functionality and improve your users’ experience. An affordable maintenance plan can give you peace of mind to know that everything is updating and implementing properly, even when you don’t have time to check your site. If you are ready to make your website work for you, contact us to schedule an assessment today.