Business Owners Give Thanks For Integrated Database Solutions


As the year draws to a close and Thanksgiving approaches, business owners who made an investment into integrated database solutions are beginning to see a return, and giving thanks for it. Find out how customized web solutions can increase efficiency, improve productivity, and help your company be more responsive to its customers.

Keep Records Clean With One Centralized Database

Data entry is a mine field of human error and inefficiency. When multiple staff share responsibilities for lead tracking, ordering, invoicing, and gathering client contact information, it only compounds the difficulty. Minor differences in the way staff enter business names, or even simple typos can create duplicate entries or dead ends.

The more a business can minimize data entry through a centralized database, the less time will be lost sifting through duplicate entries and correcting typographical errors. Business owners who invest in integrated database solutions will be thankful for the peace of mind, knowing all their customer information and corporate leads are kept in one place, saving untold hours of employee time and frustration.

Make Remote Operations Easier With Employee Log-In Capabilities

Increasingly, work is getting done outside the cubicle. Whether you have technicians on site, sales representatives making visits, or professionals working remotely, you can improve operations by giving those employees access to office files and data on the go.

Integrated database solutions give remote employees direct access to the files and client information they need to work on the go, improving their efficiency, and making interactions with customers appear more professional. It also ensures that everything, from quotes to receipts is properly branded and meets your company controls. As an owner, you can give thanks in knowing your business is represented well, no matter where your employees are doing their work.

Improve Customer Service With Secure Client Portal

Customer service is an essential part of any business. Responding to client requests for information can be time consuming. The time it takes for your staff to provide statements, respond to questions, or provide documents, can quickly erode customers’ opinion of your business. These requests can also bog down staff and interfere with internal deadlines.

Creating a secure client portal, accessible through your website, improves customer service while freeing up staff to respond to more complex questions. A portal gives customers online access invoices, bids, and other documents on their time. It makes your business appear far more responsive, while improving the efficiency of your office. Your customer support staff will be thankful for the reduction in calls and your customers will appreciate immediate access to their information.

Integrated database solutions improve efficiency, productivity, and customer service. At Provisio Technology Solutions we will meet with you to identify your database needs and create a custom solution for you. By investing in a customized web database early, you will be able to see returns quickly. Contact us today to schedule a meeting. Your business will thank you for it.