Upgrade Your Stand-Alone Website to an Integrated Web Solution

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Every business needs a website these days. Whether you are doing online retail sales, offering personal services, or connecting members across the country, the web is where business is happening. For many small start-up companies, their first web marketing effort is a stand-alone website built on a WordPress template or other DIY platform. But as your organization grows, you may need something more: an integrated web solution that does more of your work for you.

Putting More of Your Work on the Web

At Provisio Technology Solutions, our web developers recently upgraded the website of a transportation logistics organization looking to improve its online customer service. The organization’s business centered around executive members registering for events and attending meetings in different parts of the country. The organization had an outdated website that provided basic information to their members, but it wasn’t able to handle the registration itself. All of the event and contact management was done by hand by staff using a combination of Outlook and Excel.

The organization wanted its website to do more of the work. It wanted its members to be able to register for the event online, see who else was attending, and receive follow-up meeting reports once the event was completed. We were able to create a customized, integrated web solution that took care of the work of event registration for its members.

Upgrading Your Website Without Losing Your Business Leads

The transportation logistics organization didn’t want its new website to come at the cost of inconveniencing its members. The project needed to seem seamless to the approximately 120 members using the site. We were able to migrate those users’ accounts and login information to the upgraded platform. We imported all the member data onto the new Drupal site, and were even able to preserve history like their initial website registration dates. All the organizations’ members had to do to use the new site was update their passwords for increased cybersecurity.

Preserving Organizational History and Access to Online Reports

Just because an organization gets a new website doesn’t mean business starts over from zero. Our client had eight years of past meeting reports and files that its members needed access to. That meant our new website had to maintain information on their attendance at these events, and give them access to all the right documents. We were able to import all that content from the organization’s stand-alone template website, and create attachments for each past event and meeting report, ensuring users uninterrupted access to their files.

Outgrowing Your Template Website Means It May Be Time to Integrate

As your business grows, you have two choices: you can hire more staff to do the extra work, or you can invest in systems that do the work for you. A stand-alone website built on a WordPress template may be enough to market your business. But a custom-designed Drupal web solution has far more capabilities to help get work done. If you have outgrown your existing site, you don’t have to worry about losing your company’s client data or online history. The developers here at Provisio Technology Solutions have plenty of tools to make the upgrade and migration process smooth and easy. Other than the facelift, your users may not even know the difference.

If you are ready for an upgrade, contact Provisio Techology Solutions to schedule a meeting with our web development team. We’ll help you find and execute meaningful web solutions to your business’s online needs, without letting your data fall through the cracks.