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Why Do Software Projects Fail?

Why Do Software Projects Fail?
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When you are investing in a new software development project for your business, you expect that the work will be completed on time and on budget. But according to multiple studies, over 50% of software projects fail. What can you do to increase your chances to beat the odds?

1.      Lack of Clear Planning

Problem: One of the top reasons why software projects fail is because the developers and producers go into them without a clear plan. They fail to define what success looks like. Without project specifications that explain what needs to be included and what is simply outside the project, your software project is doomed to failure.

Solution: At Provisio Technology Solutions, we take planning seriously. Before your project is even started, key members of our development team will meet with you to define what your project needs to be successful. Our team will observe your current workflow or discuss your proposed new product offering, and speak to key employees and decision-makers. Then you will then receive a written project specifications plan that outlines the project, so you know how to measure success.

2.      Unrealistic Deadlines

Problem: When business owners come to software developers, they usually want the project done ASAP. But haste is often why software projects fail. If you set too short a deadline, it doesn’t leave time for the developers to respond to problems that arise during development or properly test the program in a secure environment before releasing it to your employers or customers.

Solution: When we sit down with you and your fellow decision-makers, we make sure you know how long your software project could reasonably take. We help you make realistic decisions about when to roll out your project based on our decades of combined experience in creating websites, apps, and other web-based solutions. Rather than rushing to completion, we make sure you get a project that is fully tested and checked so there are no surprises when the software project goes live.

3.      The Wrong Size Team

Problem: Another common problem in software development is putting together a team that is too big, or too small for the project at hand. Too small and you won’t have enough developers and staff to implement all the tools and features you need in a timely way. Too big and you’ll spend days trying to get everyone’s approval to move forward with each step along the way.

Solution: At Provisio Technology Solutions, part of our job is to make sure you have the right team for the job – on our side, and within your business. We’ll help you identify key decision-makers in your office. We may recommend including the administrator that will actually be using the product, or excluding someone whose busy schedule will only slow things down. Then we pair your staff with experienced developers, designers, and other web professionals to create the right size team for your project.

4.      Lack of Communication During Development

Problem: All too often, software developers get all their specifications up front, and then go back to their office and develop a program they think does what the client wants. But at the end of the day, a miscommunication sent the development team off in the wrong direction. When the project is delivered, the client is not satisfied, and the entire software development project fails.

Solution: At Provisio Technology Solutions, we use an “agile” workflow. That means we regularly check in with our clients to make sure we are still on course and adjust as we go along to meet all the customer’s expectations. These frequent check-ins let you, the business owner, know we are on course, and helps us to make sure we stay that way.

5.      Scope Creep

Problem: While some adjustments are inevitable in the development process, too many makes it impossible to complete a project on time and on budget. When the definition of success keeps changing, your software project fails.

Solution: The answer to this goes back to the beginning with the project specifications. By using this initial document to guide what is and isn’t part of the project, you and the team at Provisio Technology Solutions can be sure changes are made when they are necessary, without pushing the timetable back indefinitely.

At Provisio Technology Solutions, we want to help you create a software project that beats the odds and succeeds.  Contact the website consultants at Provisio Technology Solutions today to schedule a meeting.