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Keeping Your Website Relevant with Agile Development

agile development, responsive design

You conquered your months-long (or was it years?!) website redesign project and you're feeling really good. What happens now?
You’ve invested a significant amount of time and money into your new, modern website. It is perfectly in tune with your business strategy, it speaks to your target audiences, and stands out among your industry peers and competitors alike. Senior leadership is thrilled with the new site, all of your metrics are moving in the right direction, and you certainly feel like you should win an award, or two, for the state-of-art design and user experience you created.

But what happens in six months or a year or two later? Often, you’ll find your once perfect website is now stuffed with too much content. Your navigation and information organization have become counterintuitive as regular website updates and business needs or policy changes upend the original masterpiece you launched. Much like a new car leaving the lot, your website may begin to depreciate shortly after it launches.

Your website is at its peak effectiveness immediately after a redesign. But over time, that effectiveness declines until you are forced to do another redesign. It continues to go downhill until enough stakeholders complain, then the next redesign project is started, which leads to the vicious circle of the typical website lifecycle:

Launch Redesigned Site. Slow Decline. Obsolescence. Initiate Redesign.

There is a better way.  

At Proviso, we believe that rather than putting your website on auto-pilot, you should be continuously improving and enhancing your site. The goal is to enable your web presence to continuously adapt to changes, including:

  • Updates to business strategy or product offerings
  • Changes in your target audience
  • Emerging technology trends that impact your customer’s expectations
  • New branding or company identity
  • Integrating fresh tools or technologies to improve the user experience

First, you need to start with a solid foundation, so we recommend this method begins after a redesign, when content, workflows and design are in good shape. Then your site has a new continuous lifecycle: 

Monitor. Adjust. Launch Redesign.

At Provisio, we achieve this by applying the agile development approach to your web presence. We work closely with you to use your overall digital strategy to guide this effort, and make sure we always have a clear vision of your website’s goals and audiences. Then, on a regular basis, typically monthly or quarterly, we review any new tweaks that need to be made to the site. This approach allows for development to be completed in short two-week sprints, rather than a massive, months-long site overhaul.  We work with you to make your website an ongoing process that always stays in line with your business strategy, customer needs and the technology landscape.

We find this agile approach means a much smaller dip in effectiveness following a site redesign project, more predicable costs, and higher ROI. Ready to take a new approach to your website? Let’s connect.