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The Importance of Good UX Design

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We have covered the difference between UI and UX, so now let’s take a look at why good design is so important. The user experience (UX) refers to the quality of experience a user has interacting with your website or application. All aspects of this interaction contribute to the UX. It is the good or bad feeling a person gets after using your company’s site or service.

UX focuses on completely understanding how people interact with your business. It requires significant insight into the needs of your users, what they like and value, their abilities, and their limitations. Applying the best UX practices improves the quality of a person’s interaction and enhances their experiences with your business and its offerings.

When it comes to your website, the importance of UX cannot be overstated. If your site is hard to use, slow, or poorly laid out, users will leave, and your brand’s reputation will be impacted. The goal of UX is to totally fulfill your users’ needs, providing consistently positive experiences that result in a user loyal to your business.

Creating a Great UX

An excellent UX is one that is easy and clear to navigate. This not only reduces user errors, but it also makes all important information obvious, and is easy to learn and use. Good UX is also consistent, which allows users to apply previous experience when completing new tasks.

One way of ensuring that your UX is a good one is to create content that is simple to read and understand, with copy that includes clear instructions, and is written by someone that truly understands the topic.

At Provisio, we follow many of the UX rules and guidelines that are based on research, but not all of these may not all apply to your specific business. We follow industry best practices, but we also know the best way to create a good user experience is to test your website with your users. This process starts in our development phase. This ensures we can discover any issues and adjust our overall design approach if it is not quite right. 

We always keep in mind that we are building for your users. While it may seem obvious, sometimes it is easy to forget who is using your website. Something could be beautiful, but that does not necessarily mean it is useful or helpful to the user. That means letting go of some ideas, even the ones you like the most. We are here to work with the various stakeholders at your company.  Your sales, marketing, technology, and management teams are all going to think a bit differently about your website. While design by committee can be challenging, we find it useful to get input at specific stages of the process to ensure the optimal UX for your site and its users.

Why is Good UX Important for Your Business?

The UX connects your users with your business, meets their needs, and achieves your goals. It helps you create a website that is useful, comprehensive, and enjoyable. This increases user engagement, conversions, and revenue. Great UX design is important; it is what makes your business stand out from the rest. Think about your experience with Amazon. It was not the first e-commerce store. However, they did change the way we interact with an online retailer, making it easy to understand and use. Their continued investment in their UX contributes to consistent sales and revenue growth.

Good UX design is fundamental to building an effective website that supports your company’s overall success. Whether you are looking to create a totally new site or update the UX on your current site, Proviso can help take your business further, faster. Let’s connect!