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What is Web Application Software?

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We've come a long way from the days when computers only had one version of software installed on each system via CDs (or its earlier precursor, the floppy disk!). Today, there are endless types of application software, or apps, to suit every need and purpose. As a result, applications have become ingrained in our daily work, life, and social activities. While you may use an app like Microsoft Word or Excel on your computer, a web application is software or a program that you can access through any web browser without having to download or install it.

Web applications continue to gain popularity because they can address a business's unique needs and challenges to serve its customers best. Companies see the value in custom web apps because of the following reasons:

  • Web apps are easier to maintain than desktop programs since they use the same code across the application. There are no difficulties with compatibility.
  • Because all modern browsers enable web applications, they may be utilized on any platform, including Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Web applications do not require approval from the mobile app store.
  • It can be released at any time and in any format. There's no need to remind consumers to update their apps.
  • These web applications are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from any PC.
  • To access the essential data, you can use either your PC or your mobile device.

Provisio builds custom web apps that help your business solve specific problems and facilitate processes used by your staff and customers. Our apps are specific in their functionality and do the job that they are designed to do based on your companies distinct needs. For instance, we build solutions including client portals, document management systems, content creation, and publishing workflows, integrations with existing industry-specific software, and more. If a custom web app sounds right for you, let’s connect to see how Proviso can help. We will learn about your specific situation, work with you on the key goals and pain points your application needs to address, and design a solution that will take your business further, faster.