5 Must-Have Features of a Strong Modern Website
Most companies aren’t looking to update their website every year. High-quality web development comes with a price tag, so you want to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Here are 5 must-have features for a strong modern website. 1. Visually Appealing Design What is the first thing your users see when they click on your website? Web design has changed through the years. Advancements in web development have pushed images and moving parts forward, and made blocks... + read more
Top 10 Tips for eCommerce PCI Compliance
If your company relies on eCommerce, online PCI compliance is a key part of making business run smoothly. But the process of becoming PCI compliant can seem technical, complicated, and often overwhelming. Here are 10 top tips you can do right now to get moving in the right direction. 1. Update Your Website An out-of-date website is a magnet for hackers and identity thieves. Update you website framework often to close security holes and protect you customers’ information. 2.... + read more
How Your Website Can Kill Your PCI Compliance
PCI compliance can intimidate business owners. When credit card transactions occur online it can feel like anything that happens is out of your hands – it is up to merchant service providers to make sure you are secure. In fact, your own website can kill your PCI compliance and put your customers’ personal data at risk. There Is No 1 Solution to PCI Compliance Many owners of e-commerce businesses rely on their merchant service providers to handle “all” their PCI... + read more
Many small business owners think PCI compliance just means hiring the right merchant service provider. But protecting your customers’ identities and credit card information goes beyond the screen. Find out what you should be doing offline to meet PCI compliance standards. 1. Create Clear Policies and Train Employees Good PCI compliance starts with clear company policies about how customer information is obtained, stored, and used. Far too many small business owners casually... + read more
PCI compliance is crucial for anyone accepting online orders and payments on their company website. Many small business owners assume their online payment system is secure and protected, but cybersecurity is hardly a "set it up and forget about it" proposition.  PCI Compliance Is Too Big to Ignore When it comes to online security regarding customer information many small business owners either: Outsource it to an IT company or payment gateway and forget it... + read more


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