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1st Securities Mortgage

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1st Securities Mortgage is a mortgage broker with offices in Michigan and Georgia. As a brokerage, 1st Securities can offer programs tailored to individual needs. They came to Provisio with the desire to expand their marketing efforts and promote new services that their current website could not support.

Mobile-friendly design

The 1st Securities website was not mobile-optimized. Knowing that over 70% of web searches are done from mobile devices, our team created a design that would be easy to navigate from a smartphone with finger-friendly menus, large call-to-action buttons and easy-to-read text.

Purpose of site

During the discovery process, we determined that the client’s main goal for a site visitor was to submit a mortgage application. Therefore, we focused on imagery that would evoke the sense of satisfaction that comes with home ownership, and we made the call-to-action elements focused on applying for a mortgage.


Because of the sensitive nature of the information provided for a mortgage application, Provisio designed the application form to store data in an encrypted format and to truncate the more sensitive data entirely upon submission. This ensured that social security numbers would not be stored in the web database.

Updateable content

One of the goals of the project was to enable 1st Securities to create and update content themselves. Using Drupal’s powerful content management tools, Provisio streamlined the interface so that 1st Securities staff members and contributors could edit content in place and categorize new content with user-defined taxonomy terms.


Contact forms and application forms add submission data directly to MailChimp to populate campaigns and mailing lists.


Working with 445 Digital in Ferndale, MI, Provisio provided integration with Hubspot so that 445 Digital could create and manage marketing campaigns for 1st Securities. It also enables 1st Securities to update the Hubspot CRM with leads and contacts automatically.


Future phases of the project include integration with backend mortgage software to eliminate duplicate data entry and to associate applications directly with the loan officer responsible for the account.