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Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan provides compassionate, quality, professional services and support to people in need. Services include mental health and behavior counseling, a soup kitchen and food pantry, family support and senior care and outreach.

Their Needs

CCSEM staff needed to the ability create custom donation campaigns and associate them with campaign appeal pages from their current WordPress site. Staff needed to reconcile donation transactions with their merchant and the existing PayPal payment processing provided insufficient details. CCSEM wanted to integrate with their bank specific merchant processor to avoid duplication of efforts.

Provisio’s Solution

We built a custom donation campaign creator in Drupal that allowed staff to create unique campaigns with distinct copy, images and customized donor acknowledgment and thank you messages. The portal matched CCSEM’s current WordPress theme so it would fit into the existing site at launch. Their end goal is to move their entire site to Drupal, but matching theming allowed us to complete the project in phases to meet their immediate needs.

  • Integrated Reporting - CSEM staff have access to reports that show date, amount, designated campaign, donor name, donor contact info, and any additional info that will help match the transaction to the record in their Payeezy eCommerce system. Data from the reports is filterable by date range, name of donor, and campaign and is exportable.
  • Customized Campaign Acknowledgements - Thank you messages to the donors can be edited and managed by CCSEM staff.  Messages contain specific details from the donation, such as the designation, the amount, etc.

Added Value

Single sign on for current and new site. This allows CCSEM staff to use a single sign-on for both the WordPress site and the donation portal. In the same way that the experience would be seamless for the donors, the experience would also be seamless for the CCSEM administrators. Future upgrade includes a complete recurring payment managing system.