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City Center Financial

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City Center Financial in Troy, MI was founded to provide superior retirement planning services to retirees across the country. They came to Provisio Technology Solutions to create a new solution that would enable retirement advisers to present tax strategies for retirement planning.

Their Needs:

  • A web-based system with distinct permissions and logins for each user
  • An easy-to-use interface for advisors
  • Creation of custom client presentation based on tax rate data, income, and system-generated calculations 

Our Solution 

We created a new web application with a wizard-like interface to guide advisers through the creation of each client profile. Advisers can select completed or in-process profiles, which allows them to begin a profile and then return to it or modify an existing completed profile. In addition, the software includes disclosures that are customizable per adviser, with a built-in standard disclosure as the default option.

Our development team built a custom calculator to create and manage federal and state tax rates and income types. The system can apply those rates to various income levels and automatically calculate and display the impact different tax rates have on income levels and types. In addition, advisors can enter income caps for any tax rates that have a threshold.

The web application was designed to have a similar look and feel to an existing City Centre Financial software solution. The custom interface design provided a familiar feel to the advisors while housing all of the new functionality. Advisors can generate  print versions of presentations, and they also can import data directly into the system for use in client calculations.