DrillPilot is a small, affordable, handheld tool used to drill pilot holes in places that would normally require a drill press or other elaborate setup to accomplish. DrillPilot was created by Tana Innovations, which was established to bring unique inventions to market. The DrillPilot is popular in the woodworking, handyman and medical research industries.

Tana Innovations came to Provisio for help with marketing and promoting the product. Knowing that pictures and video would tell the story, we connected them with a professional photographer, Penny Schaaf, who provided the imagery for the website.

The website uses geometric, overlapping colors to express the sleekness of the DrillPilot design and has a healthy amount of white space to help the images stand out.

DrillPilot is sold through Amazon. Once the Amazon merchant account was established and sales were underway, we brought in Rosh Media to help promote the product. Rosh Media created a video campaign for YouTube and Facebook, and DrillPilot sales increased 300% within three months. Videos are also displayed on the site with an easy-to-use interface that allows the site admin to simply add the URL and let the site take care of the formatting.

Provisio continues to maintain the website and participate in the marketing strategy. Tana Innovations is now considering a second edition that will provide even more precision.