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Equity Experts

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Equity Experts of Auburn Hills, MI provides innovative collection solutions for HOA's and community associations driven by technology and proactive outreach.

Their Needs

Equity Experts wanted to make data from their legacy collections software available to their clients. They needed their backend data to integrate with their new website design and be accessible through a new login portal.

Provisio's Solution

Working closely with the site designer and marketing team, Proviso built a custom software solution that provided:

  • A permissions-based user portal - depending on the user's role, they only have access to relevant and appropriate collections data.
  • A hierarchical membership relationship to management companies and associations - the software links management companies to all of the associations they oversee.
  • A data import procedure - adding new data to the system need to be simple and easy for all user types. The import procedure was designed to be intuitive and straightforward.
  • A reporting framework for displaying collections data to clients - the data needed to be presented clearly so clients could view and understand what was happening with their past and current collections.
  • An automated PDF generation of periodic reports - reports needed to be produced regularly and the automated PDF generation ensured periodic reporting was created and available, and not dependent on users to produce. 
  • An automated email system to send reports - delivery of reports was critical, and automating emails made sure they were sent to the right users every time

Added Value

The new custom software automated the data import process and pulls from their backend legacy software. Provisio worked with Equity Experts' marketing firm to ensure the newly rebranded website and the software we created blended seamlessly and adhered to all brand guidelines.