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Executive Consulting Services

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Executive Consulting Services in Southfield, MI provides high-level psychological evaluations for potential employees. Their proprietary process is the result of decades of experience and is used by companies all over the country. Their process identifies character traits with letter-number designations which are then incorporated into the final evaluation using natural language. The result is a highly accurate and reliable profile.

Their Needs

Their staff would create the evaluations with a combination of Microsoft Word macros that copied these phrases from other Word documents into a new Word document. This process, which included manually adding the appropriate gender pronouns, took approximately 45 minutes, which meant a staff member could do 4-5 per day. However, if a mistake were made, such as using the wrong gender pronouns because of an ambiguous first name, the entire letter had to be redone.

In order for them to take on new business, the owner would need to hire additional staff members and spend time training them. On top of that, one of his long-time employees was planning to retire.

Provisio's Solution

We converted their numerous Word documents into a database that stores the natural language phrases with variables for gender-specific pronouns and allows them to enter all of the letter-number designations up front. Clicking a button generates the evaluation letter and allows it to be saved as a PDF and emailed. If they later find that one of those aforementioned mistakes is made, the staff member simply opens the record, uses a dropdown selector to change the gender and clicks the button to regenerate the letter.

Now creating a letter takes less than 10 minutes, and correcting a letter is a matter of seconds. They have been able to maintain their workload and take on new business without bringing on additional staff even after the long-time employee retired, and their overall profit per evaluation has dramatically increased.