LifestyleLink for Active Adult Communities

LifestyleLink is comprehensive communication and management web-based software for communities and organizations. Designed for active adult communities, it helps to keep members engaged, informed and connected.

Active adult communities often utilize multiple software systems to manage the large variety of activities, special-interest groups and events. In many cases, these systems may be comprised of Excel spreadsheets. The goal of LifestyleLink was to provide a single place for residents and onsite staff to participate in and coordinate these activities. LifestyleLink offers the following features:

Event Management

Create and promote events and enable members to register and pay online using credit card or eCheck. Track registration information, communicate with attendees and view financial reports of event revenue. Create recurring events to save time.

Groups and Clubs

Members can join groups and manage club activities and resources. Share files, photos and club-specific news and events. Group leaders handle all of the administration themselves, including setting up events and reserving rooms at the amenity's facilities. Community admins simply approve the request, saving valuable time and making the process seamless for the group leaders.

Amenity Management

Create amenity resources such as locations at your facility, and make them available for online reservation, including group and private events. Resource conflict management ensures that nothing gets double-booked.


Make your community directory available to your members. User-specific options allow members to decide what to share.


Announcements can be sent by email and text message. Site administrators can send emergency broadcast messages to the community. Members can specify the type of notifications and for which kind of content.

HOA Account Information

Community associations can use LifestyleLink to provide information to their members such as their account balance, maintenance requests and architectural control requests. (Requires integration with the community's backend property management software.)

Board Management Tools

Board members can view information for the entire community, including financial reports, statuses of requests and other important management metrics.

Onsite Staff Administrative Tools

Community administrators can approve and decline requests, manage the membership and see information at a glance.

Provisio now offers LifestyleLink as a subscription service with three tiers of functionality based on the needs of the community.

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