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Comprehensive Rehabilitation Consultants Software Discovery and Functional Specs

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Comprehensive Rehabilitation Consultants, Inc. (CRC) is a leading healthcare organization specializing in rehabilitation services. Seeking to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility, CRC approached Provisio for a transformative solution to replace their existing Microsoft Access application.

Their Needs

he primary objective was to conduct a comprehensive discovery analysis and documentation phase. This would serve as the foundation for a multiphase development process, ultimately leading to the creation of a modern, scalable web-based solution. Key goals included:

  1. Understanding Current Usage:
    • Gain insight into how the current Microsoft Access software supports CRC's business operations.
  2. Business Process Documentation:
    • Document the various business processes and workflows related to the intended software functionality.
  3. Efficiency and Data Accuracy:
    • Identify solutions that enhance efficiencies, provide better access, and ensure accuracy of data.
  4. Integration Points:
    • Identify potential integration points with other software systems for a seamless workflow.
  5. Functional Specifications:
    • Create clear and easy-to-understand functional specifications (user stories) guiding the development process.
  6. Minimum Viable Product (MVP):
    • Define the MVP for the initial phase of development to ensure a focused and strategic rollout.
  7. Visual Reference:
    • Develop a visual reference illustrating how users will interact with the application, enhancing user experience.
  8. Platform Selection:
    • Determine the optimal platform on which to build the new software for scalability and future growth.

Our Solution

The completion of the discovery phase laid a robust foundation for CRC's journey towards a modern web-based solution. Armed with comprehensive insights and a clear roadmap, CRC and Provisio were poised to embark on subsequent phases of development, ensuring a tailored solution aligned with CRC's evolving needs and industry standards. This collaborative effort aimed to streamline operations, improve data accuracy, and elevate overall organizational efficiency.

Several key deliverables successfully fulfilled CRC's objectives:

  • User Profiles and Journeys: Detailed user profiles and journeys were developed, providing an in-depth understanding of user needs and optimizing the overall user experience.
  • Data Entity Definitions and Relationships: Data entities and relationships were clearly defined, establishing a robust foundation for the new software.
  • Functional Specifications (User Stories): Comprehensive functional specifications, presented in the form of user stories, were provided, outlining the various software functionalities.
  • Wireframes: Wireframes were developed to visually illustrate the user interaction with the application, ensuring alignment with user expectations.
  • Data Migration Analysis: An analysis of existing data was conducted to determine the effort required for a seamless data migration to the new system.
  • Development Platform Recommendation: The most suitable development platform, environment, and ongoing management strategy were recommended based on thorough evaluation.
  • Cost Estimate: A detailed cost estimate for the development phase was presented, offering transparency and aiding in effective project planning.rency and aiding in effective project planning.