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Office 365 Integration

Office 365 applications

As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, Provisio helps organizations realize the full potential of the powerful Office 365 applications that are a part of their subscription. Most firms use Office 365 for the basics: Exchange (Outlook), Word, Excel and PowerPoint. However, many are not aware of the other powerful productivity tools and integrated applications.

Provisio can provide training, custom configuration and integration to utilize the tools that are already included in your Office 365 suite of apps.


Just a decade ago, SharePoint was available only as a server application that many organizations found beyond their reach. Now that it’s included in Office 365, all of the powerful document versioning, sharing, and workflow functionalities are available to organizations of any size. SharePoint is much more than a document management tool. We can help your organization to leverage SharePoint’s power and integrate it with workflows such as publishing documents to your public website.


Microsoft has replaced Skype for Business with their new Teams app. It includes all of the communication advantages of Skype but has deep integration with your Outlook calendar and OneDrive files. Initiate group chats, host video conferences and calls, and share your screen with powerful collaboration tools. Many organizations have moved from Slack to Teams because of its integration with Office 365. An upcoming update will incorporate features from StaffHub, making Teams even more useful for business productivity.

Outlook Contact Manager

Most companies need a CRM, but Salesforce and other industry-standard platforms can be far too expensive and cumbersome. If your CRM needs are basic but you still need some integration with Outlook, then Outlook Contact Manager can help. Add contacts in Outlook and mark them to be shared with your entire team. Changes made to the contact will be synced across your team, and basic CRM features such as opportunities, follow-up and anticipated sales can be tracked all from within Outlook.

If you need a more robust solution, then Provisio can help you to implement Dynamics 365.


If you’ve ever worked with IFTTT, then you understand Flow. This application allows you to create triggers in one application that perform actions in another. For example, set up a flow to automatically save Office 365 email attachments to OneDrive or SharePoint. Use pre-existing templates or have Provisio create custom multistep flows to increase your team’s productivity. With more than 275 connected services and the option to create custom connectors, you have all of the options you need to automate tasks and save time and money.


How often have you wished that you could publish your Outlook calendar to a website to enable your customers to book appointments and see your availability? Perhaps you’ve used popular software such as Mindbody but have struggled with integration to your own calendar. Bookings allows you to use an interface just like Outlook’s excellent calendar and to manage client appointments without having to spend money on another service.


Connect your PayPal account and take payments from clients directly from emails sent through Outlook. Microsoft Invoicing lets you create custom invoices and connect them to contacts. Apply sales tax, discounts and payment terms. Create estimates and turn them into invoices. Use the QuickBooks connector to integrate with accounting.


Did you realize that you can create a shared task board and add team members to collaborate on a series of tasks related to projects? Attach files to tasks and track conversations related to the plan and its tasks. Planner makes it easy to make new plans, organize and assign tasks, and get updates on progress.


The popular mileage-tracking app has become a part of the Office 365 family. Automatically track mileage from your phone and swipe to mark it personal or business.