Content management

Publishing workflows

If your organization deals with a lot of content and has multiple review processes, you understand the importance of publishing workflows. You need to be able to track revisions, revert to earlier versions, and see who made which changes. We can design custom content workflows with automatic notifications when content is updated or a status is changed, allowing you to keep your workflow moving smoothly and meet your deadlines.

Control content without worrying about brand guidelines

Predefined design elements allow your content editors to confidently create content without worrying that they will affect the layout and look of the site. At the same time, they have great flexibility to decide how their content will be laid out for the greatest impact. This helps protect your brand guidelines and ensures a consistent, professional look across the site.

Intelligent Organization

Your site readers want to be able to find relevant content and find it fast. If they don’t, they’re likely to move on. Using taxonomy categories and tags, content can be intelligently organized and related to other content so that you can provide an easily-navigated content reading flow.