Make More of Your Marketing Leads With Custom Calculated Surveys
Have you ever wondered what your marketing contacts think of what you send them? Maybe you want feedback on your latest email marketing campaign. Perhaps you are looking for input on future service offerings. What if you could create a custom calculated survey that worked with your existing customer relationship management and marketing tools? Tools like MailChimp and Survey Monkey can be great to get basic information and feedback from your contacts and clients. But sometimes, you need... + read more
Business Owners Give Thanks For Integrated Database Solutions
As the year draws to a close and Thanksgiving approaches, business owners who made an investment into integrated database solutions are beginning to see a return, and giving thanks for it. Find out how customized web solutions can increase efficiency, improve productivity, and help your company be more responsive to its customers. Keep Records Clean With One Centralized Database Data entry is a mine field of human error and inefficiency. When multiple staff share responsibilities for... + read more
What is your cyber-theft prevention plan?
You don’t have to be a tech guru to know that cybersecurity is a big deal. When the U.S. government and a major financial player like Equifax get hacked, it’s time to take the issue seriously. So what is your cyber-theft prevention plan? In September 2017, the credit-reporting company Equifax reported a massive data breach that compromised the personal identifying information 182,000 U.S. customers and the credit card numbers of 209,000 more. The news reports about the incident... + read more
There are countless companies out there who will sell you a prebuilt website that look pretty. But will a template-based website do everything you want, or do you really need a custom website to make your business thrive? Templates Aren’t Always Unprofessional There was a time when web developers took the position that any website built on a template it would automatically look cheap and unprofessional. It is still possible to build a website on a template that will advertise to... + read more
5 Ways Web Solutions Go Beyond Marketing
Many business owners see their website as a marketing investment. But a custom-developed web solution is far more than just an online billboard. Here are 5 ways your website could go beyond marketing. Fully Featured Databases Improve Inventory Control The heart of any website is the database. Even if all you have is a handful of SEO-focused webpages, you are renting server space and a database to keep everything in the proper order. But an integrated database can do much more than... + read more


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