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How Regular, Well-Written Content Helps Your Website

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When you spend the money to have a custom website professionally developed, you may hope that the investment will end when the website is pushed live. But to make the most of your effort, you need to commit to regular, well-written content.

Strong SEO starts with custom web development. The way your website is programmed can make it easier for Google, Bing, and other search engines to find it at the right time. But good web programming only goes so far. A well-developed static website is a first step toward strong web marketing strategy, but it’s not an end of itself. Instead, your website is the foundation on which your web marketing is built.

Ongoing SEO Requires Constant Content Updates

A strong presence online is an ongoing fight against obscurity. If you rely on a static website to represent you online, it will quickly slip down the search engine results. Ultimately, a website that goes without updates is little more than an online business card. It will come up when someone remembers your business name and searches for it online. But if someone is browsing online for a solution to his or her particular problem, it will take more than a beautiful home page for them to find you.

The longer a website sits dormant, the less search engines pay attention to it. Ideally, you should be putting fresh content on your website every week, maybe even every day depending on your industry. According to Hubspot, companies that published 16 or more blogs per month received over 3.5 times more traffic than companies with 0-4 posts per month. Whether you are running a small startup or a large corporation, sell your services to other businesses or make a product for public consumers, regular, well-written content will increase your inbound traffic and improve your SEO.

Ways to Produce Regular Content

There are many theories about the best form of regular well-written content on your website. Depending on your industry, and your website marketing budget you may want to consider a combination of:

  • Embedding recent social media posts
  • Writing daily or weekly blog content
  • Uploading customer reviews and client testimonials
  • Creating periodic subpages that feature different services or products
  • Recording short explainer videos or vlogs supported by written content or transcripts

Producing regular, well-written content does not require a huge marketing budget. By taking a few hours every week, small business owners can improve their own SEO and web marketing ROI. As the company grows, CEOs can ramp up their production value to get even more from their marketing dollars.

At Provisio Technology Solutions, we want to create custom web solutions to help your company grow. We don’t stop when your website launches. We can provide ongoing support and regular, well-written content that improves your SEO and your ROI. Contact us to get an assessment and create a web content strategy to develop your business.