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Is Your Website Fast Enough for Your Users?

Is Your Website Fast Enough for Your Users?
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When it comes to the Internet, speed is key. But it’s not just about clocking your office’s upload and download speeds. You also need to pay attention to how fast your website loads and catches your users’ attention. If your website isn’t fast enough, your users might “bounce” and you might lose customers before you even make your pitch. Find out what is slowing your website down and holding your business back.

Website Users Have Exceptionally Short Attention Spans

Think about the last time you did an internet search. If you are like most website users, you skimmed through your browser’s search results, and then clicked on the first link you thought might answer your question. You waited a second or two for the page to load, and if it something didn’t seem right, you clicked the “Back” button and “bounced” to the next website.

The difference between a new customer and a bounce is a matter of seconds. You have about 10 seconds from their click to make a first impression. If your website isn’t fast enough, your user may decide not to use your website – or your company – before they even read a word or see a picture.

Long Load Times Increase the Chances Your Users Will Bounce

In recent years, website design has included increased use of pictures, gifs and videos. These are all designed to make a good first impression on your users. But if your website isn’t structured properly, or the images you put there are too large, it can bog down how quickly your website loads. In a matter of seconds a lead can turn into a bounce. That’s especially true for mobile users:

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Faster is always better when loading websites, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on compelling visuals. Your web development team can help you speed up your load times by right-sizing your images and adjusting the programming behind the scenes, so you don’t lose customers to the loading bar.

First Impressions Take Less than a Second

Once your page loads, the real work begins for your website. It takes less than a second for users to get an impression about your website, and by extension, your company. An outdated web design, cluttered layout, or even a bad choice of stock imagery can send users running for the back button.

Everything on your homepage should be designed to tell new users who you are and what you do. Pictures, logos, headings and text should all communicate who you are as a company and how you are going to help your customers fix their problems.

Far too many business owners assume their brand’s reputation will carry the day, but if what you do isn’t immediately obvious from your name, your website will have its work cut out for it in communicating that in 0.5 seconds or less.

Easy Conversions Mean Your Users Need to Find You Fast

The ultimate purpose of any marketing website is to get new clients in the door. Whether your process involves a questionnaire, a cart, a quote, or a consultation, you need to make it easy and fast for customers to say yes when they’re ready to buy. That’s why your contact information needs to be obvious. You might put a clickable phone number right in your header, or a join now button front and center. No matter what your layout, make sure users can’t help but find how to take the next step.

A successful business website depends on its speed: in loading, in conveying its purpose, and in conversion. If you feel like your website is lagging behind, the web developers at Provisio Technology Services can help. We will meet with you to review your website’s performance, define your company’s needs, and develop a new site that can keep up with the speed of business. Contact us to set up a free consultation.