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How Much Does a Bad Ecommerce UX Cost Your Business?

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Good user experience (UX)  is critical, but how much can a poor e-commerce user experience cost you sales? According to research, well-designed sites can see more than 200% higher visit-to-order conversion rates than poorly designed ones. 

If your website has an e-commerce store, you know that UX is key to your success. As the saying goes, "You don't get a second chance to make a first impression." Your customers need to be able to navigate your website easily and quickly to find what they're looking for and make a purchase. If they can't find what they're looking for or have trouble making their purchase process as simple as possible, they will likely leave your site and never return.

A bad UX can also lead to high bounce rates, which means that many people who visit your site will leave without buying anything. This is especially true if your website takes too long to load or if it frequently crashes, which can be frustrating for visitors and could lead them to think twice about returning.

Why E-Commerce UX Is Important

Most e-commerce sites devote a significant portion of their budget to increasing traffic to their websites. However, if these visitors encounter friction and stumbling blocks while attempting to shop at your e-commerce store, they will likely abandon their shopping cart, and your marketing efforts will be for naught.

While a good marketing strategy is essential for driving traffic to your e-commerce store, it's equally important to make sure that the experience of shopping on your site is seamless. This can be done by optimizing the user experience by designing your e-commerce site with the customer in mind.

There are three significant areas where e-commerce UX can make or break your store:

Boost loading time: The longer it takes your visitors to complete their shopping carts and make purchases in your store, the more likely they will abandon their carts and never return. Research shows that slow-loading sites increase the rate of cart abandonment by 75%.This means that even if you have enough traffic coming in, you still need to ensure that this traffic converts into actual sales.

Make things simple: A clear navigation system is essential for any e-commerce site because it allows visitors to quickly find what they're looking for without hunting through multiple layers of menus or categories. Your customers don't want to figure out how to use your website. Instead, they want to be able to find what they need as quickly as possible and then get on with their day. Make sure that your site's user interface (UI) is simple and intuitive so that users don't have to spend time learning how to navigate through it.

Use rich visuals: E-commerce sites should appeal to our minds and eyes. Use graphics and images throughout your UI so that users can quickly identify what it is they're looking for at a glance. This will help them find what they want faster and more efficiently than if they were reading text. Make sure all product images are current; users do not want to see outdated items.

When Do You Need a User Experience Redesign?

Having your site's UX audited and tested is the best way to determine whether or not it requires some attention. Fortunately, the cost of improving your UX has a high return on investment. But, on the other hand, if your website is driving visitors away and you fail to improve your UX, the cost of lost sales could be high.

If your website has been around for a while, your UX could likely use some attention. The longer a site has been around, the more likely its design is to be outdated and in need of an overhaul.

A website's design is often overlooked in favor of other factors like functionality and content. While these elements are also essential, they're usually more easily changed than a poorly designed user interface.

Here are five signs that it may be time to redesign your website:

  1. Your website doesn't match your brand style guide
  2. Your navigation is confusing or disorganized
  3. Your content isn't engaging users in the way it should be
  4. You haven't updated your content for years (or ever)
  5. Visitors aren't converting into leads or sales

Don't Let a Poor E-Commerce UX Cost Your Company Money

The website is the face of your business. It's where people go to find out more about you, read reviews, and make a purchase decision. It's also how you keep in touch with customers, build brand loyalty and gain repeat customers.

In short, the site is an integral part of your company's success — and if it doesn't work well, it can cost you dearly in sales numbers. But unfortunately, it can also kill your conversion rate and chase visitors away from your site for good.

Now that you know how much UX issues might be costing your business, the next step is to determine if and where your UX falls short. Here at Provisio, we are passionate about helping you optimize your UX and see those sales figures rise. So let's connect and start a UX audit today.