Seniors and retirees are doing a lot these days. Social clubs, activities, community service projects, and exercise programs fill the calendars of active adults. And that can put a lot on the plates of active adult community managers. Empower the leaders of your community to take on more of the administrative load using the all-in-one community management tool, LifestyleLink. What is LifestyleLink? LifestyleLink is a web-based software solution for active adult communities. It provides... + read more
10 Ways to Create New Content for Your Website
Once you have committed to creating regular, high-quality content for your website, you have to follow through and create it. At a certain point, every content writer hits a wall or believes that everything has already been done. Here are 10 ways to create new content to keep your website looking fresh. 1.      Guide Your Readers to Use Your Product or Service Guides engage casual readers. Consumer wish lists, beginner’s guides, how-to blogs, and buying... + read more
How Regular, Well-Written Content Helps Your Website
When you spend the money to have a custom website professionally developed, you may hope that the investment will end when the website is pushed live. But to make the most of your effort, you need to commit to regular, well-written content. Strong SEO starts with custom web development. The way your website is programmed can make it easier for Google, Bing, and other search engines to find it at the right time. But good web programming only goes so far. A well-developed static website is a... + read more
Developing Your Web Content Strategy
You’ve heard content is king on the web. You know that you need to produce regular, high-quality, and SEO conscious content if you want your web marketing efforts to bear fruit. But how do you know what to write? Here are 5 tips about developing a web content strategy. 1. Identify Your Top Keywords A good content plan starts and ends with SEO. Get started by taking a close look at the way people find your business. Take the time to identify your top keywords – the words... + read more
Does Your Website Tell Your Story?
What does your website tell potential customers? Every company, from the smallest online shop to large international corporations have a story to tell: something that makes their business unique and attracts clients. But unless you make good use of your online web content, that story could go untold. Make Great First Impressions Through Website Design In an increasingly visual world, storytelling isn’t just about the words on the page. If your website doesn’t reflect the... + read more


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