Yahoo’s most recent security breach could have far-reaching consequences, even to former users. Find out if you could be hacked because of an old, dormant Yahoo account. Since 2013, Yahoo has announced no fewer than four massive security breaches. And that has led to “incident fatigue” among users. Chris Boyd, of Malwarebytes told The Register: “The sense of confusion – 'Haven't I heard about this one and taken steps already?' - can lead to... + read more
At Provisio Technology Solutions we are always coming up with ways to help our clients’ websites work for them. We have developed LifestyleLink a community management tool that helps property management companies do more for their residents. LifestyleLink is a comprehensive communications and management tool for communities and organizations. It helps organizations keep their members engaged, informed, and connected. The tool incorporates several different features within one... + read more
You may think only big corporations need full databases on their websites. But even small businesses can benefit from the added functionality a database can provide. Before writing it off as extravagant, consider how much work your website could be doing for you. Websites sometimes get a bad wrap. Some business owners seem to think that a website is nothing but an online business card or advertisement. These same people often complain that they don’t see a return on the investment... + read more
Agile development is like an expert runner jumping hurdles
Imagine you have been given a fancy gift. You unwrap the package to discover it is an expensive, designer suit, but it’s entirely the wrong size and style. It doesn’t work for you at all. Unfortunately, some businesses feel that way about their website. They pay thousands of dollars to companies and receive a finished package months later, but it isn’t the website they want. Agile development is a project management methodology that guides the way we develop websites to... + read more
Have you ever visited your website with your user in mind? How do they know where to go, or what they can do while they are there? By considering user experience in the website development process, you can make your website more pleasant and get more customers. What visitors see and do on your website can make a big difference in whether they become paying customers or continue their searches elsewhere. User Experience (called UX) is all about how your potential visitors use your website.... + read more


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