If you are a business owner preparing for a website update, there are some SEO basics you should know. Getting your head around SEO starts with understanding keywords and how their use has changed over time. What Are Your Top Keywords? To start, you and your marketing team will need to decide on your top keywords. These are the words and phrases prospective clients are likely to use to find your business. They may include your business name, products and services, geographic terms, and... + read more
As a business owner, you probably hear a lot about SEO these days. If you had your website professionally designed, you may think you've got it handled. But if you don't keep your website programing and content updated, your SEO could be out of date. SEO is one piece of an Internet marketing puzzle involving everything from the words you use to the programing behind the scenes. When you talk to a marketing strategist, they will often talk about SEO as if it is a magical formula,... + read more
If you are running a small business, you understand the importance of protecting your online information. Before you spend thousands of dollars on server security, take the time to shore up your weakest link: your employees. Cybersecurity is a real threat for small business owners who use online databases to manage and serve clients. Companies are turning to web developers to help them enforce stronger passwords and ensure proper web encryption, and add additional levels of cybersecurity.... + read more
The more your business does online, the more important cybersecurity becomes. Whether you are accepting payments, granting access to a full database, it is up to you to protect your clients and your business assets. Here are a few ways you can do more for cybersecurity. A previous blog post explained why even small businesses should care about cybersecurity. One first step is to enforce stronger passwords. But there is a lot more you can do to protect your online information. Encryption... + read more
When it comes to online security, a strong password is key to driving away would-be hackers. Far too often, small businesses have lax password security for their staff and their online databases. That leaves the information vulnerable to attack. Password security is essential to protecting your website and database from unwanted intrusions. If your staff are your first line of defense, then strong passwords are their shields. But unless you enforce strong password requirements, hackers... + read more


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