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Imagine you have been given a fancy gift. You unwrap the package to discover it is an expensive, designer suit, but it’s entirely the wrong size and style. It doesn’t work for you at all. Unfortunately, some businesses feel that way about their website. They pay thousands of dollars to companies and receive a finished package months later, but it isn’t the website they want.

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Recently, a client of mine did me the great honor of sharing a testimonial at our mutual business networking group. “My cloud is too small!” he said. Provisio Technology Solutions helped him find the cloud computing services that would streamline his business and improve accessibility for his clients, but to do so, he was going to need more server space.

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When's the last time you had a one-to-one meeting with your website? Business owners who rely on referal marketing know the one-to-one meeting builds relationships that lead to high-value clients. Your website is no different. Schedule a one-to-one with your website today.

For referral marketing, nothing beats the one-to-one meeting. You get to sit down with referral partners to grow your business. You can learn in-depth information about how they can work for you.

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Do you have security on your mind? Not many people think to include stronger Internet password security on their business to-do list, but maybe they should. Weak passwords give thieves the key to your back door, exposing client data and putting your business at risk. Find out how to lock that door and make your passwords harder to crack.

Internet security is a real problem. Viruses, hackers, and thieves make the news and may make it feel impossible to keep your company's online assets safe. But there is one simple thing you can do: enforce password security.

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How is your database? Do you have good systems in place to manage errors and duplicate entries, or is someone at your business still making corrections by hand? Manual database management can be messy and leave a lot of clutter behind.

If you have a successful business, you have to manage a lot of information. From lead generation, to client data, to inventory, every company has data it has to keep track of. Most business owners implement databases to keep all of their data together. But manual databases have their limitations.

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You wouldn't ask a contractor to build your house without a blueprint from an architect. Doing so would run the risk of the walls falling in or the foundation crumbling. But far too many small business owners make the make this same mistake when it comes to their websites. They start building without a website blueprint to guide them.

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Somewhere along the line, a web marketing person probably taught you the importance of keywords – target phrases that make sure search engines can find you and your web content. Here's the thing – the keyword is dead. Don't keep relying on this outdated SEO method. Get ahead using natural language.

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If your company is looking to update its online image and functionality, chances are you started your Internet search for a local web designer or web developer. But what's the difference? Are the two terms interchangeable? While design is important, a good web designer isn't enough to turn your adequate website into a multi-functional web portal for clients and staff. For that, you need a web developer.