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JMB Financial Services Group

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JMB Financial Services Group in Troy, MI helps clients understand their personal financial situation and empowers them to make smart decisions. They also support clients in their retirement planning and work to achieve retirement readiness. They came to Provisio to rebuild their website to meet their modern customers and clearly convey their brand.

Their Needs

The original JMB website developed in 2011 was in a need of a complete refresh. Their goal was to create a modern, mobile-friendly website with a design that accurately conveyed what they offered. Their core branding was not represented on the original site and their tagline" Helping You Make Smart Decisions with Your Money" had no visual reference.

The structure of the original site had to be revamped as well; it had an unwieldy menu with many confusing links.

Provisio's Solution

Working closely with the JMB team, Provisio created an eye-catching homepage that instantly captured their brand promise. The front page has an image that instantly communicates their brand and restates the tagline to create curiosity. We created a clean, intuitive look that consolidated their financial services into two offerings, each with a 4-step value proposition.

In the inner pages, we used photography from their office to create a level of familiarity and personality to continue reinforcing their brand promises throughout the website. The site navigation and menus were simplified and clearly led visitors to more information about the variety of financial solutions offered.