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How Do You Hire Character?

The previous article emphasized the importance of loyalty, honesty, humility and friendliness over technical skills and certifications.  The point was not that the skills aren’t important or even essential for the position, but that the skills without the character is a recipe for future trouble, regardless of how impressive the credentials.  A skill can be learned; character is more foundational than that.

Hire the Right Person, not the Right Credentials

Loyalty, honesty, humility and friendliness - invaluable IT credentials

For many small businesses, there is no one in the organization who has more access to sensitive and confidential information than your IT staff.  They are in possession of passwords for the company’s financial software, can access sensitive documents and have the ability to read anyone’s email – including yours.  Hiring a whiz kid or someone with multiple obscure-sounding certifications just because they seem to know a lot may seem like a good decision at the time, but consider whether they know what they shouldn’t know –that they are someone you trust.  Once you’ve found the right

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