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Web Development 101: What is a Successful Visit?

Web Development 101: What is a Successful Visit?
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What is a successful visit to your business’s website? Do you want people to stay and read? Place an order? Request a quote? Unless you know what you want a visitor to do when they come to your site, you and your web development team will have no way to know when it is successful.

What Do You Want Visitors to Do On Your Site?

A successful business website needs to be focused on what your visitors need to do online to work with you. And that depends on the kind of business you run. What works for an eCommerce company could send people away from a service-based industry. If you want your company’s new website to be successful, you first need to look at what success means for your business.

eCommerce Businesses Drive Traffic to Their Shop Pages

If your business is focused on retail, a successful visit means an online sale. That means your eCommerce website should be built around the shop. Other pages, like the homepage and your blog articles, should make it easy for visitors to click through to featured products. The website as a whole should make it easy for users to search, browse, and shop for the products they want. You will also need a site that integrates with your payment portal of choice. A successful visit depends on a seamless shopping experience from start to finish.

Custom Artisans Need a Website Focused on Easy Customer Interactions

When you offer your customers custom craftsmanship and made-to-order products, the e-store model alone simply doesn’t cut it. Instead, a successful visit for your customers depend on how easily they can convey their needs and preferences. Depending on your creative process, that could mean:

  • Image-centered layouts and galleries that put your work on display
  • Questionnaires and forms that give concrete options
  • Open-ended contact forms where customers can describe their needs
  • Password-protected customer portals where current clients can track their projects, pay invoices, upload images, and respond to questions

The goal for an artisan’s website should be for visitors to able to see what you have created before and to make it easy for them to communicate their needs for their own project.

When you sell both pre-made products and custom creations, your website needs to do double-duty. You need to combine easy shopping with clear communication that lets browsers know they can get what they want, not just what they see. At Provisio Technology Solutions, we can work with you to combine an eCommerce shopping experience with clear communication tools to give your customers the best of both worlds.

Service Professionals and Organizations Need to Inform, Then Connect

If a retail website is centered on the shop, a service industry website lives and dies by its written content. Visitors need to know what you do, and whether you can solve their problems. This means a successful visit allows a user to read, find what they are looking for, and then contact you to take the next step. That means the written content is going to be doing more of the work.

At Provisio Technology Solutions, we can help you plan how your users will click around your site. We’ll help you break down what you do into understandable subpages, and make sure everything is linked together logically, so they can get to where they need to be. We’ll integrate contact forms, information forms, and pop-up widgets to help potential customers take the next step to hiring you.

Some service providers also use their websites to communicate with existing clients. We can integrate your website with your existing customer portal, or build you a new database where clients can share and download their documents, pay their invoices, and keep track of anything from progress, to meeting appointments.

At Provisio Technology Solutions, we want your website to be successful. We help you make the most of your web development dollar by tailoring your website to what you want your users to be able to do while they are there. Contact us to set up a free consultation.