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Manage everything in one place

Every organization deals with the challenge of multiple software systems. You may have an accounting package, a fulfillment package, an inventory tracking system and a CRM. While some of the mainline software systems may have ready-made integrations, there are hundreds of proprietary, industry-specific systems that are not as widely used and supported.

Eliminate data entry errors and duplication

If only those systems could talk to one another and share information, you would avoid data duplication, errors and hours of data entry time. We like to think of ourselves as your universal translator: we’ll get your systems talking to each other and make sure that everyone has access to the information they need.

Provide users access to what they need

Sometimes your staff or customers need only a small subset of the data in your backend system, but it’s neither practical nor cost-effective to give them direct access. We excel in creating data views from multiple backend systems that allow them to see only what they need, and even to update the backend database with changes. When combined with data views from your other systems, this can make people more satisfied and productive.