Web portals

Membership management

Do you have information and services that you need to keep secure and available only to members? Perhaps you have some information that should be available to the general public, but then there is other privileged content that should only be viewable by members. Do you need to be able to manage access to members based on subscription levels or organizational roles?

Communicate private information securely

Whether it’s a public portal, a company intranet, or a supplemental access point, Provisio has years of experience creating membership portals. A good example is our subscription-based software for active adult communities, LifestyleLink, which helps large communities to manage hundreds of clubs, facility reservations and event ticket sales. It’s a great example of a membership portal that has a robust permissions system to make sure that members see and can do only those things that they should. We have built numerous portals that allow the site administrator to manage memberships and delegate administrative responsibilities to other members.

Create multiple users with unique levels of access and permissions

Perhaps you want your clients to be able to view information from your backend software – think about the time you could save if they didn’t need to call your office or send an email to get that info. Think about the higher level of satisfaction that your clients will have when they are able to get that info whenever they needed it.

If you manage staff and customers that need varying levels of access and permissions, then contact Provisio to talk about how an integrated web portal could increase both satisfaction and revenue.