Website Updates Are All About Security

No matter what content management system you use to manage your website, there are going to be updates from time to time. Unless you are regularly adding content, those necessary updates may be out of sight, out of mind. But ignoring website updates can lead to big security risks. Find out how to keep everything up to date and safe both for you and your readers.

Instagram Adds Multifactor Authentication for Customer Security

In February 2016, Instagram began rolling out multifactor authentication to its millions of users. Also called “Two-Step Authentication,” this added security feature makes sure users' photos, files, and information remains private by making it almost impossible for hackers to get into the account without physical possession of a user's cellphone. Find out how multifactor authentication works and how to make it work for your clients.

Cracking the Code on Internet Password Security

Do you have security on your mind? Not many people think to include stronger Internet password security on their business to-do list, but maybe they should. Weak passwords give thieves the key to your back door, exposing client data and putting your business at risk. Find out how to lock that door and make your passwords harder to crack.

Internet security is a real problem. Viruses, hackers, and thieves make the news and may make it feel impossible to keep your company's online assets safe. But there is one simple thing you can do: enforce password security.

What is Heartbleed and Why Should You Care?

Heartbleed is the name of a security flaw discovered in a widely-used encryption technology called OpenSSL.  This flaw exposes usernames and passwords that are supposed to be private and secure.  It is estimated that nearly 20% of secure web servers certified by trusted authorities use OpenSSL.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, a form of encryption that protects your private information when using the web.  This is what is used to protect you when you log in to your banking website, purchase things online, etc.