Why Scope Creep is a Problem for Tech-Savvy Business Owners

When you are putting together a plan for a new piece of custom software, it can feel like the sky’s the limit. Web-based solutions can solve many problems facing tech-savvy business owners. But if you shoot the moon, you could quickly find that scope creep has broken your budget and put your release far behind schedule.

What is Scope Creep

“Scope creep” is a concept used by project managers in the software industry when the requirements of a job change over the course of the project.

What Owners Can Do To Keep Business Software Projects on Budget

When you’re a business owner looking to improve operations through a custom business software project, you have to keep one eye on the bottom line. You need to know the project you need will be delivered on time, and on budget. But over time, it can be easy to let added features or delays push you past your estimate. Here’s what you can do as a business owner to keep your business software project on track.

Build vs Buy: Do You Need Custom Enterprise Software for Your Business?

Are you opening a dozen spreadsheets a day? Is everything boxed into a rigid system that doesn’t flex to meet your business needs? If your current software situation doesn’t feel right, you may be looking for something new. But should buy or build? Does your company need a custom enterprise software, or is there already a proprietary app that does the job?