The Function and Benefits of a Custom Web App for Your Business

Everyone knows "there's an app for that," but what does that mean for your company's website? You're not alone if you're stumped when it comes to understanding what a "web application" is. There's a lot of confusion around web-based data processing, online collaboration, and virtual project management. So far, we've explored what a web application is and some popular types of apps used by businesses.

What Types of Web Apps Are Used by Businesses?

You know your web presence is crucial to building your brand and attracting more customers. What if it's time your website did more than act as a billboard for your business? Custom web apps can help your company solve challenges and streamline systems for your employees and clients.

We've previously posted about custom web apps and what exactly they are—wondering what type of web app is right for your business? Let's take a look at some popular types of web applications.

Why Scope Creep is a Problem for Tech-Savvy Business Owners

When you are putting together a plan for a new piece of custom software, it can feel like the sky’s the limit. Web-based solutions can solve many problems facing tech-savvy business owners. But if you shoot the moon, you could quickly find that scope creep has broken your budget and put your release far behind schedule.

What is Scope Creep

“Scope creep” is a concept used by project managers in the software industry when the requirements of a job change over the course of the project.