Would your website join a web counseling service support group? In this blog post, we will meet Confused, a website without a purpose, and find out what Provisio Technology Solutions can do for confused websites. Hi, my name is Confused. “I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do. People come by, but they don’t stay for long. They never seem to know what to do once they get here. I try to get them to stay, but I just don’t know what I’m supposed to... + read more
What if there were a support group for websites? A place for them to get together and talk about their problems? As web developers there are certain “personalities” of troubled websites that we at Provisio see again and again. We understand their problems, and we know how to help. Over the next several blogs, we’ll introduce you to some of the troubled websites that are part of our web counseling services. Confused Websites The confused website doesn’t understand... + read more
If you are a business owner going through a website overhaul, you can be easily overcome by all of the recommendations for search engine optimization. While there are some things only a developer can do, there are some easy steps that every CEO can do to improve the on-page SEO of their content. Start With Keyword Research Individual keywords themselves may no longer be enough to drive search engine traffic to your website, but it is still the right place to start. You need to know what... + read more
SEO for Small Business depends on Keyword phrases and related terms
To make the most of their web marketing budget, small business owners need a basic understanding of SEO and how keywords work. This blog series has already showed you how modern keywords work and where they are most effective. Now, you will learn how keywords can work together to push your SEO even higher. Imagine someone handed you an excerpt of an article without any title or explanation what it was about. The first thing you see is the phrase “make a basket.” Are you reading... + read more
As a business owner getting ready for a website overhaul, you need to know how to make the most of your web marketing dollars. In the last post, you learned how modern keywords work. Now you'll see where your keywords work best. Where you place keywords on a web page is often just as important as the words themselves. Each web page is made up of different parts, including headers, footers, and sidebars. Search engine developers create software to determine which areas give the best... + read more


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